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Crystal Of The Week - Rose Quartz

Crystal Of The Week Rose quartz - Rose quartz is a beautiful soft pink stone, it is definitely the stone of the heart and carries a soft femine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It is often referred to as the "love stone" and helps open up the heart to love, and not just in relationships! It helps us open up to all forms of love, self love, family love, platonic love and romantic love.  Wear it in a necklace close to your heart chakra to have the full effects of the stone. Don't forget to speak to your stone and tell it your desires. After this forget about it and set your minds intention as...

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Crystal Of The Week - Agate

Crystal Of The Week - Agate There are so many different types of Agate! So honestly it's hard to know where to begin with this stone, as there are so many things to say about all its different array of beautiful colors and properties! My personal favorite is moss Agate, looking at some pieces it reminds me of a scene from a beautiful landscape! Just look at this piece below, does it not remind you of a eerie mountain scene?  Agate is definitely a stabilizing & grounding stone and helps bring you back to earth when you are overwhelmed. Have you ever had those days where you just don't feel quite, well, here? Almost like you're going through the day in a dream...

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