Cleansing Your Gemstones & Crystals then Inspiring them to Activate with your Intentions

by Nikki Wojcenski Feb 05, 2020


Crystals & Gemstones are powerful tools for healing, manifesting, & supporting us to integrate various energetic frequencies into our energy field.
They each have their own specific frequency or vibration, as do we, It is Imperative to remember that the way those two vibrations interact will be different from one person to the next!
We each have our own unique soul purpose and journey.
Crystals & Gemstones can help to support us to restore balance, harmony and stability within our energy field, and can also assist us to evolve our awareness and level of consciousness through opening us up to specific frequencies.



"Activating" a Crystal or Gemstone simply means to connect with its energy or frequency in a conscious form, For Example; with Intention.


Cleanse your Crystal or Gemstone

1. SMOKE/SMUDGING Use the smoke from sage, or other purifying herbs or resins. Use your intention to ask the spirits to carry away any energies that are not part of the gemstone's natural vibration, and to restore harmony.
This is also a safe and effective method for all crystals.

2. SOUND VIBRATION I adore using my quartz crystal singing bowl for crystal clearing! I Simply place the crystals inside the bowl and the sound vibration instantly shifts the energy of the Gemstones/ Crystal (and of course me too!).
You can also use
Tibetan singing bowls, bells, tuning forks or other instruments that create a relatively strong sound vibration. This is a safe and effective method for all crystals.

3. EARTH Placing your crystals on the ground for 24-48 hours will help them restore their natural vibrations, using the earth's natural electromagnetic energies. The earth will naturally connect with crystals, since this is their natural element! If you can't place directly on the earth safely, you can use Concrete & Pavements of the like.
This is a safe method for all crystals. you when you receive it.


Ground and centre yourself.

I suggest centring and grounding your own energy before connecting with the crystal’s energy.
You can do this through simply taking a few deep breaths and becoming present in your body and mind,
Increase your awareness and improve the clarity of the connection with the crystal. I do recommend this if you want to learn how to connect with crystals in a conscious way.
Receptivness & Connection
Whenever you begin working a new gemstone or crystal, I would recommend holding the crystal in your left hand (your receiving hand) and sitting in meditation with it for at least 5 minutes.
Simply have the intention to connect with your gemstone or crystal and its vibration, Be open to receiving its energy and any messages it may have for you.
Let go of any expectations that you will hear/see/feel anything in particular and just be open to receive this information on some level of your being, Trust that even if you are not consciously aware of this information, that it is being received and integrated on a higher level of consciousness.
Any sensation changes you notice in your body or shifts in awareness and so forth.
Give thanks to the crystal for its connection.
You may wish to journal any insights or messages after doing this.
Activate your Intentions
Gemstones & Crystals work well with us, When we inspire them with a particular intention, which creates a direction for its energy to flow towards.
It is likely that you were drawn to this crystal for a specific purpose.
Otherwise you may already have a particular intention, which is why you chose this gemstone or crystal!
There is no right or wrong way to activate an intention with a gemstone or crystal, other than simply being clear in your intent!
It is always important to be CLEAR in your intention, and to focus on the desired outcome, and not what you don’t want!
I'd love to hear about your favourite Gemstones & Crystals, Experiences or maybe Lessons you've learned along your Journey! Please comment below;