Crystal Of The Week - Agate

Crystal Of The Week - Agate

There are so many different types of Agate!

So honestly it's hard to know where to begin with this stone, as there are so many things to say about all its different array of beautiful colors and properties! My personal favorite is moss Agate, looking at some pieces it reminds me of a scene from a beautiful landscape! Just look at this piece below, does it not remind you of a eerie mountain scene? 

Agate is definitely a stabilizing & grounding stone and helps bring you back to earth when you are overwhelmed. Have you ever had those days where you just don't feel quite, well, here? Almost like you're going through the day in a dream like state? This often mean that you need "grounding" and it literally means you need to be connected to the earth a little bit better to feel like you are back here. There are many ways to do this, one of the most simple ways is to find a nice patch of grass, take your shoes and socks off and just walk bare foot on the ground! There's lots of scientific proof to this and how it benefits us as human beings, it's all to do with the electrons in the earth, when our bare skin touches the ground we actually pick up all these "free" electrons! Have a Google about it, it's very interesting! The beach is also a good place to do this, walking or lying on the sand. Or if you are feeling extra hippy, hug some trees! Yes.. I am serious! You can also use meditation and other ways, or you can use Agate, after all it was formed in mother earth herself! Agate supports a deep connection to the Earth and nature and will help you do this and feel more present in your day to day life. it also helps you accept and love yourself just as you are, the perfectly UN-perfect you!
So if you have been feeling particularly unbalanced lately, and not quite "here" try a grounding technique and wearing a piece of Agate jewelry during the day. 

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