Larimar Crystal Gemstone – Why we need it!

Author Nikki Wojcenski 20th Feb 2020
Do you Self Sabotage relationships? Or give yourself unrealistic expectations? Learn Better Communication with Larimar
The embodiment of the tranquil Sea and Sky energies
Its Healing powers harmonise the body and soul.

Born of Fire in its volcanic origins.

Known best to cool tempers, calm fears, relieve stress and soothes the physical and emotional body.
The crystal of serenity, promoting relaxation in every aspect.
Best used in the workplace to assure a pleasant atmosphere, or a spot in the home.
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Larimar is a wonderful stone for mothers, during and after pregnancy. It helps in alleviating depression, and relaxes the stress involved with new parenthood.
Larimar is a natural energy to the natural power of the human mind to finding the way to new horizons and new capabilities. The fresh start crystal.
Its ability to aid in communication, develop positive relationships, and improve your feelings of self-love are all things that almost everyone can benefit from in their lives.

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