Rhinestone (Bohemian diamond, clairvoyant stone) is one of the most amazing gemstones, although it is just a colorless transparent variety of quartz. Rhinestone has amazing properties. This mineral is hard enough, so that from ancient times cups, knives, arrowheads etc were made from it. Also, rhinestone has a special electrical conductivity, so it is often used in electronics, in particular to create accurate quartz (here quartz is exactly rock crystal) watches. Still from mountain crystal fine lenses (already long magnifiers from rhinestone used for cauterization of wounds and for ignition of Olympic fire) turn out. And the Romans drew attention to the fact that rhinestone takes heat well and therefore used it to cool hands. Also, rhinestone is famous for its healing properties. This gemstone stabilizes the spiritual and physical powers of man. Still the rhinestone promotes good work of a brain (head and even dorsal), removes headaches and pacifies stresses. Also with the help of rock crystal you can quickly bring down the temperature. Chinese medicine uses balls of rhinestone for massage, and small sharp crystals (so-called "banshees") to stimulate special biologically active points on the human body